Our History

It is believed that only 1 in 10 companies survive the first 5 years. Of those that make it through five years, only 1 in 100 companies continue to exist for 10 years or more. At Instrutek we are happy to be part of that 1%. At your service since 1978.

First instrutek workshop.

At that time, only a few simple tools were available with which to adjust, repair or improve the instruments, and it is worth mentioning that initially no pressure gauges were manufactured, but only instrumentation products were marketed.

"An objective without a plan, is a dream " - W.J Reddin

Controles de Occidente S.A. de C.V. started in Guadalajara, Mexico. Like many other companies in the same sector, we marketed a wide variety of industrial instrumentation products. However, we were not satisfied with that, since we did not want to depend only on the recognized brands in the market, we decided to chart our own path and that is what we did.

"The best structure is no guarantee of success, but the wrong structure is a guarantee of failure" - Peter Drucker

In an effort to stand out from our competition, in 1982 we decided to establish a factory dedicated exclusively to the production of Bourdon type pressure gauges. We had to import all of our equipment, including lathes, grinders, die cutters and welders, as well as design some of our own machines. The first brand we created was RCL, in honor of our founder's initials.

Another challenge was raw materials. If you remember those years, Mexican peso devaluations were a recursive issue, so it was difficult to maintain a stable price for metals such as copper or stainless steel. This complicated the warehousing of them.

A series of different designs, trial-and-error stages and several months of development... Finally, they gave birth to the first equipment.

"Nothing endures but change"- Heraclito

At our company, we are always looking to improve and grow. We want each day to be better than the last and we work hard to ensure that anyone who interacts with us (customers, suppliers, employees, etc.) has a positive experience. If someone has not had a good experience, we work to resolve it and make sure they are satisfied. We value long-term business relationships and take pride in knowing that people are still our customers after many years.

"Where there is a successful company, someone made a courageous decision"- Peter Drucker

More than 100 dies were manufactured to be able to produce a wide variety of gauges, due to the different materials and specifications required for their production, such as measurements, connection types, ranges, etc.

When looking at the Bourdon tube in a pressure gauge it may seem that the manufacturing process is somewhat simple, but in reality it is quite complicated. Achieving the flexibility and accuracy required for each of its applications is a difficult process. In addition, its mechanism must be precisely calibrated to run as smoothly as a Swiss watch. That is why there are few brands that can enter markets that require high reliability.

Our philosophy

Our goal is to stand out from the competition through unique details in our products. We want our customers to feel confident when they see our company name and even more so if these details have a practical function, such as: specially designed covers, UV-protective paints and safety caps, among others. This will result in a high quality finish that will visually highlight the product's features.

We are very clear about what features our products must have. Each instrument must have the right quality for its specific use. Instead of following the generalized idea of "highest quality instruments", which may not make sense from an economic point of view, we decided to be more selective and focus on the quality that is really needed for each case. However, if necessary, we can also offer the highest quality available.

Our Facilities