Instrutek - Pressure Gauge Manufacturer in Guadalajara, Mexico.

With more than 40 years of experience, our company offers one of the most complete ranges of pressure and temperature measurement equipment on the market.

The applications of our products range from: fire fighting equipment, hydraulics and pneumatics, milking equipment, irrigation systems, even military and aerospace applications.

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Instrutek´s first workshop

At that time there were only a few basic tools, with which instruments were adjusted, repaired or refined. Initially, manometers were not manufactured, but instrumentation was marketed.

"Nothing lasts but change" - Heraclitus

Change and expansion has been a constant in the development of our company. Wishing for true continuous improvement, we strive for anyone, whether customer, supplier, promoter, employee, etc. If you have contact with our company, you only have pleasant experiences, and if you have not had them, a solution has been given.

We foster long-term business relationships. We are happy to know that there are people who are still our customers 10 or 20 years after their first purchase.

We wish you have a pleasant experience with us.