Compressor Gauge Dial 6 PLG ​​160 Psi (Air, Gas)

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Pressure gauge for 160 psi (1103 kPa) compressor, which can also be used in gas applications, or non-corrosive fluids. The box is made of 6-inch black painted steel, 1/4" NPT lower connection, polycarbonate window. The socket, mechanism and Bourdon tube are made of brass. OTHER AVAILABLE RANGES: 200 psi 300 psi OPENING HOURS Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm SHIPPING POLICIES If you purchase the product before 1:00 pm, it will be shipped the same day, otherwise it will be shipped the next day ( as long as it is skilled.) SPECIAL MANUFACTURING AND DESIGNS Ask our executives about special manufacturing (printing your logo on the cover, special materials or connections, etc.)

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